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Covid-19 entered the world stealthily in late 2019. By the time it was detected, the virus had already been transmitted throughout the world by travellers. The spread was terrifying fast and wide with millions infected resulting in severe illness and deaths. Caught unaware and unprepared, the world was in dire needs of medical gloves, surgical masks, disposable gowns, etc. The desperate situation was exacerbated by the unprecedented lockdown of countries leading to severe supply chain disruptions already hampered by production capacity.

The whole world was practically under lockdown with only essential economic activities and work from home became the new norm. Throughout this dark period, the essential services were kept functioning with frontline staffs at increased risks of exposure to the virus. Millions of lives perished prematurely and the toll is still increasing.

The human battle against Covid-19 is continuing and evolving. We salute those in the frontline for their sacrifices in braving the dangers to keep essential services going.

Salute! Keirei! 致敬! Saludo!

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